Learn to Create Your Best Life Through the Art of Managing Energy

Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is made up of energy.  What differentiates a boulder from a flower is the different vibrational frequencies of their energies.  Intangibles such as thoughts, words and feelings also have their own unique energies and vibrational frequencies.  This fundamental universal law is the key to building your best life.

We have all experienced this.  Have you ever seen a movie that had a very heavy, tragic theme and then you notice that the heavy energy of that film sticks with you for hours or even days?  Do you have a certain friend that you always pick up the phone and call when you are having a bad day because you know you can count on them to make you laugh and help lift you into a better mental space?  That is the kind of energy we are talking about here.  It is real, and you can feel it affect your mood, thoughts and emotions.

One of my favorite illustrations of this concept is the work of Masaru Emoto.  His well-known experiments with water crystals are a fantastic visual example of these intangible energies.  For a quick introduction to his work, I like to refer my clients to his children’s book, which provides a beautiful overview in just 20 illustrated pages.  You can access that book at this URL (which is much better viewed on a big screen): https://www.slideshare.net/lindsaylovebottle/the-childrens-book-pdf-presentation.

In his book: The Message From Water, he states that, “spoken words have vibration”.  Then he goes on to demonstrate how both the spoken and the written word can alter the crystalline structures in the water.  This connection between human consciousness and the ability to affect matter was also covered extensively in the documentaries:  The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know!?, and I Am.  I highly recommend all three of those films.

These works clearly demonstrate the power of thoughts and words.  When someone is going through a hard time, we often say, “My thoughts and prayers are with you”.  Even if you are an atheist, you can send positive words and thoughts to a person who is dealing with a traumatic event and it does help; it does make a difference.  The references that I have listed clearly demonstrate that fact.

When we become aware of how powerful words are and the impact they have on those around us, it raises the bar on our responsibility to choose our words with care and consciousness.  We need to pay better attention to what we say, and make sure it is in alignment with what we want to create.  Do we put others or ourselves down with labels such as:  fat, lazy, scatterbrained, etc.?  Watch out for trap phrases like these examples:  “That kills me when he does that”, “I’ll buy that today and worry about where the money is coming from later”, or “That will kill two birds with one stone”.  Take a closer look at the words in those phrases.  We think we are just illustrating a point, but what energy do the words “kill” and “worry” carry?  Think about cussing.  We have become a society where curse words filter into our ordinary conversations with great regularity.  It’s interesting to consider that they were long ago labeled “curse” words.  It seems that when that description originated, people were aware of the potency those words carry.  Yet now they are used with a frequent disregard for the energy and negative power they wield.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the dampening effects of watching a heavy movie can linger for hours or even days afterwards.  Keep this in mind when you make choices about your leisure time activities.  Think about your choices for television viewing.  If you choose violent action shows, courtroom dramas, boxing matches and medical emergency shows, you are bringing a lot of tension energy into your space.  If you finish out each evening with the nightly news, you are taking in a lot of upsetting information just before you plan to get a restful night’s sleep.  That is not a good combination.  Also consider what messages are expressed in the music you listen to.

We often float through our days on autopilot.  We have developed certain habits that we repeat over and over again without question.  We speak certain phrases or words without thinking twice about them.  If you are ready to create your best life, it is time to step out of the autopilot mode and into conscious living.  Watch your words, and know that they have great power.  Choose words that generate positivity.  Spend your time with people who are uplifting and fun.  And choose leisure time activities that raise your vibrational frequency.  As you create a better energy space for your own life, know that it also benefits everyone you come into contact with throughout the day.  Energy is real, and it is contagious!

Cucumber Radish Apple Salad

Radish salad

Radishes were always a food I put in the “I don’t like them” category.  They had too sharp of a taste for my liking, so I avoided them altogether.  This arrangement worked quite well for me until I read about the amazing health benefits that radishes provide in Anthony William’s book:  Life-Changing Foods.  It was then that I knew I needed to find a way to include them in my diet.

It was my sister who found this recipe and sent it my way.  I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.  I was hoping it was just okay, as I didn’t think I could expect any more than that when 1/3 of the salad contained an ingredient I didn’t like.  Much to my surprise…I loved it!!  The sweetness of the honey offsets the bitterness of the radish.  And the fresh mint adds a powerful flavor overlay to the whole dish which makes this salad rank as one of my current favorites.

It is quick to prepare, which is a bonus for a busy family.  Leftovers are equally tasty as the three main ingredients retain their crunchiness even after a day of soaking in the dressing.

I only have two revisions to the recipe:  First, I just sliced the ingredients with my favorite paring knife.  The recipe calls for a mandolin slicer (which I don’t have), or a food processor (but I decided I wanted to avoid the extra clean-up).  A food processor might be a better choice if you were making a large batch for a bigger group.  Otherwise, the paring knife works just fine.  Second, I added an entire bunch of fresh mint.  I am crazy about fresh herbs.  The more, the better in my world!

I also learned in that book that the radish greens on top of the red bulbs, are another super-food.  Some people chop them up in their salads, but that doesn’t work for my taste buds.  So I add a few of the greens into my morning fruit smoothie so that I can reap the benefits while disguising the taste.

You can find the full recipe here:  https://karolinaskitchen.com/2013/06/06/cucumber-radish-apple-salad/.

And, if you want to read Anthony William’s blog about the health benefits of radishes (and their green tops), you can do that here: http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/amazing-radishes.

This is a great staple to include in your meal rotations and makes a great dish for summer potlucks.



My recipe blog is a collection of healthy recipes that I have gathered over many years of healthy eating.  It is a way for me to share my favorite finds and to introduce you to other bloggers and books that are promoting healthy choices.  I often have to tweak the original recipe in order to align it with my health philosophy.  I will provide you with my adjustments and my reasons for them in order to help you to become a better recipe detective.

Bring the Healing Qualities of Nature Indoors


How many living houseplants do you have in your home or office?  If your answer is zero, you are missing out on an important opportunity to improve your health and raise the vibrational frequency of your space.

According to an EPA study, “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.”

Many things contribute to indoor air pollution:  mold, flame retardants and other chemicals added to furniture and mattresses, paints, stains, formaldehyde used in pressed wood products, household cleaners, personal care products (such as hair sprays, nail polishes, etc.), carpets are treated with stain resisting chemicals,  and so much more.

Household plants are a natural air filter for your indoor environments.  They help to reduce the harmful irritants in your air.  While they are not a total solution, they are definitely a helpful tool to utilize when you are actively working to improve your air quality.  Plants also increase the amount of oxygen in the room.  This can help to increase mental alertness during the day and improve your sleep quality at night.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement, which focuses on improving the Chi (life force) in an environment.  Living plants are great enhancers of a room’s Chi.  It is important to note that keeping plants in your home after they have died has the opposite effect and can significantly reduce the life force of your space.  So it is important to give plants attention and care to keep them thriving, and to swiftly remove plants that have died.

Many people feel that they do not have a green thumb and that it is pointless to try growing anything.  It doesn’t need to be such a daunting task.  First, you have to choose your plants wisely (with the help of an informed nursery employee).  Make sure you buy a plant that is compatible to the amount of light your space provides.  There are plenty of plants that grow in all categories of light (low, medium and bright).  Second, look for plants that require watering once a week.  High maintenance plants that require frequent watering are not a good choice for those who are not interested in gardening.  Finally, consider purchasing self-watering pots for your plants.  It is more expensive in the upfront costs, but it may save you money and stress in the long run.

For weekly watering, it is best to pick a specific time each week when you know you are usually at home (or at the office).  Set a calendar reminder to go off each week to prompt you.  If you have problems with either over or under watering even when you do remember the task, then the self-watering pots are your best choice.  The brand that I like to use is Tournesol.  They don’t sell directly to consumers, but you can look up on their website “Where to buy”.  Typically, you only need to fill the reservoir in the pot every two weeks.  The technology allows the plant to draw the water as needed which completely avoids the over/under watering problem.  I have had plants live as long as 10 years in these pots.

And besides all of that…plants add beauty to your space!


Laura Gordon is a certified life and wellness coach and a member of the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service.  She is not a physician and is not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, psychotherapy, or any other type of medical advice.  Product links are provided for your convenience. Laura Gordon is not affiliated with these companies, nor does she receive any commissions for providing these links.

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies


Cozy days by the fire with a good book and some freshly baked cookies.  Life doesn’t get much better than that!  This cookie recipe comes from Anthony William’s Thyroid Healing book.  It is perfect just the way it is; so I didn’t need to make any adjustments to the original recipe.   I eat a very clean diet, but it is nice to have a guilt-free splurge once in a while.  These cookies are gluten-free, vegan, and DELICIOUS!  Pair them with a nice cup of herbal tea and you have the formula for a wonderful afternoon.  You can find the complete recipe here.

My recipe blog is a collection of healthy recipes that I have gathered over many years of healthy eating.  It is a way for me to share my favorite finds and to introduce you to other bloggers and books that are promoting healthy choices.  I often have to tweak the original recipe in order to align it with my health philosophy.  I will provide you with my adjustments and my reasons for them in order to help you to become a better recipe detective.

Water – The Elixir of Life

lemon water take 2

When it comes to glowing health, proper hydration is an absolute key!  If our bodies are not properly hydrated, it can cause or aggravate so many issues.  Common symptoms of dehydration include:  fatigue, pain, poor digestion, brain fog, constipation, gallstones, kidney stones, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and much more.  The vast majority of the population is severely dehydrated.  Consider this…when you check into a hospital with any serious condition, what is one of the first things they do for you?  They hook you up to an IV in order to hydrate your body.  Just being on the IV alone, usually begins to alleviate whatever symptoms the patient is experiencing.

In some ways, it’s a shame that food and drink have such a pleasure aspect to them.  The sights, smells and tastes are very alluring.  When you think about it, food and drink are necessary to provide proper fuel and nutrients for the body.  The enjoyment factor is secondary.  Yet for most people, the flavor is the primary motivator when making choices for what to consume.  If our automobiles don’t have the proper fluids, the engine will seize up and fail to run.  When our bodies don’t have the proper fluids, they develop all kinds of stress symptoms as mentioned above.

The challenge these days is to find truly pure water.  Tap water is treated with chlorine or similar chemicals in order to destroy the harmful bacteria that could make people sick.  The problem is that the chemicals used to treat the water are left behind as well as many other toxins that the chemicals do not destroy.  The Environmental Working Group recently completed a massive study of the tap water across the United States and has published the results on its website.  You can access that report here to look up the results for your area.  Many water companies are also adding fluoride to the water supply.  The misguided theory is that this helps to prevent tooth decay.  The truth is that the fluoride added is a poison, a hazardous waste byproduct.  I encourage you to do your own research on this matter if you are not familiar with the facts.  The EWG.org website lists fluoride as a contaminant that can harm teeth, bones, and can raise the risk of bone cancer.

You also cannot assume that bottled water is pure.  Many bottled water companies filter water that has had fluoride added, but they do not filter it out.  You will find a list of bottled water that contains fluoride here.  In addition, bottled water that is packaged in the very thin plastic is prone to leaching a lot of toxins from the bottle itself.  Never drink from a plastic bottle that has been heated up (in a hot car or from sitting out in the sun), as the heat will also draw toxins from the plastic into the water.

The best option is to obtain a high quality water filter for your home and carry your water in reusable glass containers.  For the bottles, find a brand that has a protective sleeve on it to prevent breakage such as those made by Lifefactory.  And for the best water filter, I trust the brand recommended by Anthony William, Medical Medium which is the Berkey water filter.  If you live in an area that has fluoridated water, look under:  “Specialty Filters” on the Berkey site for an add on filter you can purchase with the regular system.

Proper hydration involves more than simply drinking more water.  Because all of our drinking water has to be processed and filtered, it loses some of its natural life force in the process.  Hundreds of years ago, the water from a pure mountain spring was the perfect source of hydration.  Today, we need to add prana back into the water.  As Anthony William explains in his book:  Medical Medium – Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, the best way to bring your drinking water back to life is to add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to your drinking water.  This simple trick enables all of the cells in your body to absorb the water.  If you have ever had the experience of feeling very dehydrated, but no matter how much water you drink, you don’t feel satisfied.  That is because water without the squeeze of fresh citrus, is not being absorbed properly by the body.

Unfiltered tap water (with its chlorine content), sodas, coffee, caffeinated teas and alcohol all dehydrate the body.  How much of your day is spent consuming these items?  Every time you consume a beverage from this list, you need to consume a lot of living water just to offset that, and then you still haven’t made progress towards hydrating your body for that day.

If you want to make one simple change to improve your health, try to focus on improving your hydration.  You will likely notice an improvement in how you feel!

Laura Gordon is a certified life and wellness coach and a member of the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service.  She is not a physician and is not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, psychotherapy, or any other type of medical advice.  Product links are provided for your convenience. Laura Gordon is not affiliated with these companies, nor does she receive any commissions for providing these links.

Harissa Portobello Mushroom “Tacos”

Harissa Portobello Mushroom Tacos

LOVE this dish!!!  I found this treasure on the Healthy Nibbles and Bits website.  It is so full of different flavors and textures.  The recipe calls for collard leaves for the wrap, but it is also great with chard, romaine or any strong-leaf green.  Because I have a wheat and corn free diet, this is a great option for me.  For those who can’t give up their tortillas, this dish still works great with any kind of wrap.

I was unable to locate any store bought Harissa Sauce that didn’t have citric acid in it as an additive.  That ingredient is best to avoid, so I chose to make my own sauce from scratch.  I would encourage you to search online for a version of the sauce that is best suited to your spice tolerance.  Most harissa sauces are quite spicy.  I prefer a mild to moderate spice, so I opted for a tamer version of the recipe.

Here is the recipe I used for my Harissa sauce.  The tweaks I made to the original recipe were as follows:  I used raw garlic cloves instead of cooking them.  This retains more of their healing power and gives a stronger kick to the spicy aspect of the dish.  I cut the recommended olive oil measurement in half (to ¼ cup) as I like to keep things low fat.  It results in a chunkier sauce that works well to not drip out of the wrap as much.  And, I used coconut sugar as a healthier replacement for the sugar ingredient.  https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/harissa-sauce-107098

Here is how my version of sauce turned out:

Harissa sauce

For the “taco” recipe, I made the following tweaks:  Although the recipe calls for soaking the cashews overnight for the cashew cream, I hadn’t planned ahead for that.  So I soaked them in hot water for one hour.  I also added 0.66 ounces of fresh dill to the cashew cream.  I like adding fresh sprouts to the wrap as well.  You can find the full recipe here: https://healthynibblesandbits.com/harissa-portobello-mushroom-tacos/

This is a recipe I will go back to again and again!  Enjoy!


My recipe blog is a collection of healthy recipes that I have gathered over many years of healthy eating.  It is a way for me to share my favorite finds and to introduce you to other bloggers and books that are promoting healthy choices.  I often have to tweak the original recipe in order to align it with my health philosophy.  I will provide you with my adjustments and my reasons for them in order to help you to become a better recipe detective.

Nutritional Health – What Should We Believe?

MM books

If you do much reading in the world of nutritional health, you are well aware of how confusing it is to decipher what is the truth and what is a misguided notion.  Fads come and go.  Scientific studies seem to hold the greatest authority on the subject in the minds of the public.  One day we are told the key is to eat low fat and high carb diets.  The next day we hear that all of that theory is incorrect and we should eat high fat and low carb diets.  We are told all fruits and vegetables are good for us.  Next we hear that fruit has too much sugar and that nightshades and cruciferous vegetables can be detrimental to your health.  Who has time to read all of these conflicting studies and theories and figure out the truth about how to stay healthy in our modern day world?

Here are a few of the problems with the information that is sold as facts in the nutrition world: Scientific studies cost a lot of money and need to be funded by someone.  Most studies are funded by an entity that has a strong financial gain at stake and the results are often biased by a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with people’s best interests.  People are very susceptible to common public opinion.  They feel a lot of pressure to conform to the standard accepted philosophy of the day.  This pressure is also felt by the medical field professionals and the so called health experts who provide lots of health advice online while also selling you a lot of their own products.  Everyone has a right to make a living.  But sometimes the lines get blurred between profits and watching out for the best solutions for public health.

In November of 2015, a new book was released on the market that changed everything!  I discovered this book in May of 2016, and it has been a total game-changer for me.  The book is called:  Medical Medium – Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William.  The information that is presented in this book is decades ahead of its time.  There are not scientific studies to verify the information (but we already discussed why those studies are often suspect).  When I read this book, it resonated deeply within me, and I knew that it was the truth.  However, because I wanted to be entirely sure before presenting the information to my clients, I created my own little test group of friends and family who were interested in trying out the protocols for their various health issues.  I share a few of their health stories and successes here.

Since reading that first book, Anthony has published two more books that are equally amazing in their content:  Life-Changing Foods and Thyroid Healing.  I also became a member of the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service.  We are a group of a little less than 300 health practitioners from around the world who support each other by sharing our experiences and questions for our individual clients.  In our group we have doctors, nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, health coaches, etc.  We all apply the Medical Medium protocols in our work and we have witnessed miraculous results along the way. Our clients have been successfully reversing conditions that were deemed incurable by the western medicine doctors.

If you are looking for answers to your health questions and are confused by all of the differing studies out there, I highly encourage you to visit Anthony William’s website and purchase one or all of his books:  www.medicalmedium.com.  Besides his books, Anthony has written a huge volume of blog posts, he does a weekly radio show, and he offers other bits of information through The Healing Path (on his website), all for free.  He is all about sharing the truth so that people can finally heal.

I wish you health and happiness on your journey!



Laura Gordon is a certified life and wellness coach and a member of the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service.  She is not a physician and is not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, psychotherapy, or any other type of medical advice.

Lend a Helping Hand

Helping hand

One of the most gratifying things we can do with our time is volunteering to help another.  There are so many benefits you will derive when you become a volunteer:  It feels great to make someone else’s life a little brighter.  It’s food for the soul.  It is an opportunity to use your own gifts and talents in ways that you may not be able to express in your regular job.  Being appreciated for all that you do is very uplifting.  When you see other people’s challenges, it really helps to put your own life and problems into perspective.  And, it fulfills the basic human need to know that you have made a difference in the world, that you will be remembered for doing something that truly mattered.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you have a passion for or what special talents you have that you could utilize in helping others.  There are lots of volunteer opportunities through non-profit organizations such as working with hospice, a women’s shelter, a homeless shelter or food bank, animal rescue centers, etc.  Figure out what cause calls to you the most.  Do you like working with children, animals, the elderly, out in nature?  It doesn’t matter whether you can donate your time weekly, monthly, or only a few times a year.  It all counts.

Volunteering to help others doesn’t have to be through an organized agency.  Maybe you have someone in your own neighborhood who is in need.  You could visit a homebound neighbor and just sit and have a conversation with them.  You could offer to cook a meal for someone who is going through a hard time.  You could offer free babysitting help to a frazzled single parent on your street.  The possibilities are endless.

Even if you are at a point in your life where you don’t have a moment to spare, you can still get into the spirit of giving in ways that don’t take any time at all.  Never underestimate the gift of treating people with kindness, or the power of a smile.  You can make someone’s day with the smallest of gestures.  In some cases, it might be the only kind-heartedness they experience that day.

One of my passions is helping children.  For a few years I volunteered at a local children’s shelter one morning a week.  One day, a new little boy who was about 4 years old arrived at the shelter.   The shelter kept clothes in various sizes for all of the children who were housed there, but they didn’t supply shoes.  The children would just have whatever pair they had on when they arrived.  This particular little boy, I will call Timmy, had tennis shoes with laces that had been broken in many places and then they were knotted back together.  They had become so short from all of the knots that they no longer could lace through all of the holes.  As a result, whenever he tried to run and play with the other children, he kept stepping right out of his shoes and had to stop and slide them back on.   I made a mental note to pick up a new pair of shoelaces at the store that week.

Sure enough, when I returned a week later for my shift, Timmy’s shoes were still in that dilapidated state.  I called him over to me and had him sit down and take off his shoes so that I could string his new shoelaces for him.  His eyes just kept getting wider and wider as I worked on his shoes.  He asked me where I got the laces, and I told him I picked them up at the store for him.  Once I had the shoes laced up and back on his feet, I told him that now he could run and play with the kids and not worry about losing his shoes.  He looked up at me with a huge smile and said, “I love you!”, and ran off to play.  The shoelaces only cost a dollar or two.  But the impact they had on that little boy’s day was priceless!  It truly is better to give than to receive!

Spaghetti Squash “Bolognese” with Brazil Nut “Parmesan”

Spaghetti squash bolognese

My recipe blog is a collection of healthy recipes that I have gathered over many years of healthy eating.  It is a way for me to share my favorite finds and to introduce you to other bloggers and books that are promoting healthy choices.  I often have to tweak the original recipe in order to align it with my health philosophy.  I will provide you with my adjustments and my reasons for them in order to help you to become a better recipe detective.

This recipe comes from Anthony William’s blog on the Medical Medium website.  What I love about this recipe:  It is delicious!  It is perfect just the way it is written – I didn’t change a thing.  (Well, I did add a few basil leaves from my countertop plant for the sake of photography).  It is so rich in flavors and spices.  You can make big batches of the sauce in advance and freeze it.  And, I love that the saucepan cooking uses water instead of oil.  No need for that extra fat and the flavors of the dish are so strong, you won’t miss the flavors that an oil would add.

My husband is not a fan of spaghetti squash, so I made him a pot of angel hair pasta, and the Bolognese sauce was great on that as well.  In the summer, I will try this with raw, spiralized zucchini noodles.  I’m sure that would be fantastic too.

You can access the full recipe with instructions here:  http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/spaghetti-squash-bolognese

Time Flies!


Where does the time go each day!?  You probably start each day with the best of intentions and plans of what you will accomplish before the time you call it a night.  It seems reasonable and achievable.  Then why is it that we often fall short of our daily goals and end the day on the frustrated note of unaccomplished tasks and a longer to do list for tomorrow?

To answer that question, we need to take a few steps back.  To begin with, make a list of all of the categories that are important to you to include in your life:  earning a living, exercise, time with family, social activities with friends, travel, volunteer time, and so on.  When you have completed your list, rank them in order of priority.

The next step is a bit tedious, but is essential to the issue at hand.  For the next 3 days, carry a small notebook with you wherever you go (or this could be an electronic notepad on your phone).   Write down everything you do, and how long you spend doing it.  Even tasks that only last a few minutes should be recorded.  At the end of the 3 days, you can then figure out an average of how much time you spend each day on any given event.  For example, add up all of the minutes spent watching television over the 3 days and then divide that number by 3.  That will give you your average daily time spent watching TV.  Once you have computed all of your daily averages, compare that list to your list of priorities that you made for the first part of this exercise.  You may be quite surprised at how much your actions do not align with your personal intentions.

Now you have the information you need to make adjustments.  Where is time being wasted each day on activities that don’t rank high on your priority list?  How can you expand your time spent on preferred activities?  It is usually quite surprising to people to see the reality of their time allocations versus what they would estimate as true.

This is a crucial first step to effective time management.  Knowledge is power.  Knowing where your time actually goes is essential in order to make good decisions and changes.  Use this information to begin to structure your days according to your own plan rather than just reacting to life’s distractions and falling into routines and habits that are actually draining your energy.  When our daily activities align with our objectives, we will feel like we are in the flow, energized and engaged.

Give it a try!  In doing so, you will give yourself the gift of more time!


Photo by Enoch Hsiao on Unsplash