Cucumber Radish Apple Salad

Radish salad

Radishes were always a food I put in the “I don’t like them” category.  They had too sharp of a taste for my liking, so I avoided them altogether.  This arrangement worked quite well for me until I read about the amazing health benefits that radishes provide in Anthony William’s book:  Life-Changing Foods.  It was then that I knew I needed to find a way to include them in my diet.

It was my sister who found this recipe and sent it my way.  I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.  I was hoping it was just okay, as I didn’t think I could expect any more than that when 1/3 of the salad contained an ingredient I didn’t like.  Much to my surprise…I loved it!!  The sweetness of the honey offsets the bitterness of the radish.  And the fresh mint adds a powerful flavor overlay to the whole dish which makes this salad rank as one of my current favorites.

It is quick to prepare, which is a bonus for a busy family.  Leftovers are equally tasty as the three main ingredients retain their crunchiness even after a day of soaking in the dressing.

I only have two revisions to the recipe:  First, I just sliced the ingredients with my favorite paring knife.  The recipe calls for a mandolin slicer (which I don’t have), or a food processor (but I decided I wanted to avoid the extra clean-up).  A food processor might be a better choice if you were making a large batch for a bigger group.  Otherwise, the paring knife works just fine.  Second, I added an entire bunch of fresh mint.  I am crazy about fresh herbs.  The more, the better in my world!

I also learned in that book that the radish greens on top of the red bulbs, are another super-food.  Some people chop them up in their salads, but that doesn’t work for my taste buds.  So I add a few of the greens into my morning fruit smoothie so that I can reap the benefits while disguising the taste.

You can find the full recipe here:

And, if you want to read Anthony William’s blog about the health benefits of radishes (and their green tops), you can do that here:

This is a great staple to include in your meal rotations and makes a great dish for summer potlucks.



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