Learn to Create Your Best Life Through the Art of Managing Energy

Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is made up of energy.  What differentiates a boulder from a flower is the different vibrational frequencies of their energies.  Intangibles such as thoughts, words and feelings also have their own unique energies and vibrational frequencies.  This fundamental universal law is the key to building your best life.

We have all experienced this.  Have you ever seen a movie that had a very heavy, tragic theme and then you notice that the heavy energy of that film sticks with you for hours or even days?  Do you have a certain friend that you always pick up the phone and call when you are having a bad day because you know you can count on them to make you laugh and help lift you into a better mental space?  That is the kind of energy we are talking about here.  It is real, and you can feel it affect your mood, thoughts and emotions.

One of my favorite illustrations of this concept is the work of Masaru Emoto.  His well-known experiments with water crystals are a fantastic visual example of these intangible energies.  For a quick introduction to his work, I like to refer my clients to his children’s book, which provides a beautiful overview in just 20 illustrated pages.  You can access that book at this URL (which is much better viewed on a big screen): https://www.slideshare.net/lindsaylovebottle/the-childrens-book-pdf-presentation.

In his book: The Message From Water, he states that, “spoken words have vibration”.  Then he goes on to demonstrate how both the spoken and the written word can alter the crystalline structures in the water.  This connection between human consciousness and the ability to affect matter was also covered extensively in the documentaries:  The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know!?, and I Am.  I highly recommend all three of those films.

These works clearly demonstrate the power of thoughts and words.  When someone is going through a hard time, we often say, “My thoughts and prayers are with you”.  Even if you are an atheist, you can send positive words and thoughts to a person who is dealing with a traumatic event and it does help; it does make a difference.  The references that I have listed clearly demonstrate that fact.

When we become aware of how powerful words are and the impact they have on those around us, it raises the bar on our responsibility to choose our words with care and consciousness.  We need to pay better attention to what we say, and make sure it is in alignment with what we want to create.  Do we put others or ourselves down with labels such as:  fat, lazy, scatterbrained, etc.?  Watch out for trap phrases like these examples:  “That kills me when he does that”, “I’ll buy that today and worry about where the money is coming from later”, or “That will kill two birds with one stone”.  Take a closer look at the words in those phrases.  We think we are just illustrating a point, but what energy do the words “kill” and “worry” carry?  Think about cussing.  We have become a society where curse words filter into our ordinary conversations with great regularity.  It’s interesting to consider that they were long ago labeled “curse” words.  It seems that when that description originated, people were aware of the potency those words carry.  Yet now they are used with a frequent disregard for the energy and negative power they wield.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the dampening effects of watching a heavy movie can linger for hours or even days afterwards.  Keep this in mind when you make choices about your leisure time activities.  Think about your choices for television viewing.  If you choose violent action shows, courtroom dramas, boxing matches and medical emergency shows, you are bringing a lot of tension energy into your space.  If you finish out each evening with the nightly news, you are taking in a lot of upsetting information just before you plan to get a restful night’s sleep.  That is not a good combination.  Also consider what messages are expressed in the music you listen to.

We often float through our days on autopilot.  We have developed certain habits that we repeat over and over again without question.  We speak certain phrases or words without thinking twice about them.  If you are ready to create your best life, it is time to step out of the autopilot mode and into conscious living.  Watch your words, and know that they have great power.  Choose words that generate positivity.  Spend your time with people who are uplifting and fun.  And choose leisure time activities that raise your vibrational frequency.  As you create a better energy space for your own life, know that it also benefits everyone you come into contact with throughout the day.  Energy is real, and it is contagious!