Nutritional Health – What Should We Believe?

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If you do much reading in the world of nutritional health, you are well aware of how confusing it is to decipher what is the truth and what is a misguided notion.  Fads come and go.  Scientific studies seem to hold the greatest authority on the subject in the minds of the public.  One day we are told the key is to eat low fat and high carb diets.  The next day we hear that all of that theory is incorrect and we should eat high fat and low carb diets.  We are told all fruits and vegetables are good for us.  Next we hear that fruit has too much sugar and that nightshades and cruciferous vegetables can be detrimental to your health.  Who has time to read all of these conflicting studies and theories and figure out the truth about how to stay healthy in our modern day world?

Here are a few of the problems with the information that is sold as facts in the nutrition world: Scientific studies cost a lot of money and need to be funded by someone.  Most studies are funded by an entity that has a strong financial gain at stake and the results are often biased by a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with people’s best interests.  People are very susceptible to common public opinion.  They feel a lot of pressure to conform to the standard accepted philosophy of the day.  This pressure is also felt by the medical field professionals and the so called health experts who provide lots of health advice online while also selling you a lot of their own products.  Everyone has a right to make a living.  But sometimes the lines get blurred between profits and watching out for the best solutions for public health.

In November of 2015, a new book was released on the market that changed everything!  I discovered this book in May of 2016, and it has been a total game-changer for me.  The book is called:  Medical Medium – Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William.  The information that is presented in this book is decades ahead of its time.  There are not scientific studies to verify the information (but we already discussed why those studies are often suspect).  When I read this book, it resonated deeply within me, and I knew that it was the truth.  However, because I wanted to be entirely sure before presenting the information to my clients, I created my own little test group of friends and family who were interested in trying out the protocols for their various health issues.  I share a few of their health stories and successes here.

Since reading that first book, Anthony has published two more books that are equally amazing in their content:  Life-Changing Foods and Thyroid Healing.  I also became a member of the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service.  We are a group of a little less than 300 health practitioners from around the world who support each other by sharing our experiences and questions for our individual clients.  In our group we have doctors, nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, health coaches, etc.  We all apply the Medical Medium protocols in our work and we have witnessed miraculous results along the way. Our clients have been successfully reversing conditions that were deemed incurable by the western medicine doctors.

If you are looking for answers to your health questions and are confused by all of the differing studies out there, I highly encourage you to visit Anthony William’s website and purchase one or all of his books:  Besides his books, Anthony has written a huge volume of blog posts, he does a weekly radio show, and he offers other bits of information through The Healing Path (on his website), all for free.  He is all about sharing the truth so that people can finally heal.

I wish you health and happiness on your journey!



Laura Gordon is a certified life and wellness coach and a member of the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service.  She is not a physician and is not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, psychotherapy, or any other type of medical advice.